We have to knowledge, expertise, equipment, and people to ship the unshippable.  Whatever needs to get from point A to point B can be transported by us safely and quickly.  If you have a challenge, we'd love to hear it...

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Trucking & freight

shipping services

Once your freight leaves the loading dock, it's out of your hands but, chances are, not out of your head. When you trust us with the on-time delivery of your freight, we fret the big and small stuff so you don't have to…

Domestic shipping

We ship all across Canada.

Fragile and/or perishable freight

We have the perfect vehicle for one-of-kind jobs.

We appreciate you checking out our website. If you need a quote on a one-time or regular shipping job, please email : info@instantgram.ca

We're excited to announce that we recently added to our fleet. Have freight that requires special handling? We have the perfect vehicle.

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